Weight Loss

The perfect partner for weight loss concepts

An efficient weight reduction can be achieved by three ways:

  • By reducing food intake
  • By reducing food absorption
  • By enhancing energy expenditure

Finomate® as the special capability to combine these three strategies by benefiting from a unique multifunctional activity profile: suppression of appetite, reduction of fat-resorption and increase of fat-burning.combines these three strategies by acting on the following three complementary mechanisms: suppression of appetite, reduction of fat-resorption, and increase of fat-burning.
These three mechanisms are key factors in a successful weight management and complement each other to reach and maintain a healthy body weight.

Multifunctional Activity

To assess the activity profile of Finomate®, its impact on body weight and body fat reduction was investigated in a randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind clinical trial. Sixty overweight female volunteers each ingested three capsules (330 mg each) of Finomate® or a placebo three times a day. After 6 weeks, analyses of fat percentage and fat mass showed a statistically significant decrease in the subjects receiving Finomate® compared with the placebo group. The lean body mass of the subjects in the Finomate® group decreased to a lesser extent than the placebo group, indicating that fat tissue was particularly affected by Finomate®.
In addition, the extract demonstrated a positive influence on body mass index (BMI), body weight and waist circumference. Furthermore, the extract caused no adverse effects and was very well tolerated. Looking at these convincing study findings, it can be concluded that Finomate® mediates weight loss by specifically reducing fat mass and fat percentage.